Jeremy Bogle | jeremy@bogle.cc
Software Engineer at Apple
Master of Computer Systems (MIT)
San Francisco, CA

First author on paper at SIGCOMM 2019

Modeled traffic routing in a software-defined network as a linar optimization that optimized for potential network failures similar to CVaR in portfolio optimization

Implemented with Gurobi linear optimizer in the Julia programming language

Worked as a contractor with Microsoft researchers in their cloud operations group

Collaborated on TEAVAR paper and backed the analysis with real Microsoft network data

Worked as a masters student in the CSAIL Networks lab with Professor Manya Ghobadi while pursuing my degree in computer systems

Thesis project was related to routing traffic in a software-defined network

Abstracted a database query optimizer as a lambda function

Explored parallelizing the query plan search to more efficiently cover the search space and efficiently determine an optimal query plan

Flexibile, reconfigurable software-defined network modeled as a linear optimization

Given instant network reconfiguration on traffic shifts, optimizes routing to minimize loss and congestion

Undergraduate researcher on PEV self driving car project

Built a job scheduling simulation server in python using real taxi, hubway, and subway data in Boston

Integrated the simulation with open street map for visualizations


Experience researching in the field of computer networks with software-defined, network routing optimization, and distributed systems communication

Interested in real-time distributed streaming technologies, peer to peer networks and service mesh frameworks that handle microservice communication


Experience with Oauth2.0, JWT authentication and API gateway services

Interested in how cryptography can change best security practices in large microservice ecosystems


Experience with many databases and queuing systems, exploring distributed database architechures

Interested in distributed database consistency challenges including data replication and coordination as well as the tradeoffs between reliability vs performance and memory vs disk storage


Experience with containers and kubernetes deployments, exploring service versioning and api diff generation for catching regressions

Interested in service containerization, container orchestration, logging frameworks and CI/CD pipelines with automated testing


Experience with the latest web frameworks and interested in the future of web technologies as we continue to build high powered client frameworks

Interested in web assembly, webRTC, and other methods for more powerful client side applications and client side computing


An Oauth2.0 and OpenID Connect provider implemented as a set of microservices that together act to authenticate and authorize database reads and writess

Flexible translation layer that exposes database queries as an HTTP api that takes a POST request with an access token and query to execute

Web application with a react/redux frontend and Go backend that used Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud APIs to create shared playlists

Serverside queues and websockets allow for clients to listen simultaneously and sync up playback, up-vote, down-vote and add new songs on the queue and receive real-time notifications

Created an image recognition application that can allow scientist and engineers to rapidly draw scalable models and diagrams

Trained a machine learning algorithm to identify shapes drawn by users and allow them to be placed into a diagram

Developed a react / redux based interface that allows uses to train the algorithm to convert their hand drawn images to SVGs

Developed an automated PDF parser and WYSIWYG website builder tool and presented a go-to-market strategy for the product to numerous business leaders

Experimented in an agile environment on Amazon's Alexa platform to bring natural language processing to existing products

Started a company in high school to fly drones and take photos of houses for real estate companies

Developed video editing, photo editing,graphic design, and communication skills